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What is your property worth?

John Cottis & Company has a FREE, Instant Valuation tool on our website.

We understand that sometimes people want a rough guide to the value of their property so they can consider their next move. Our Valuation Tool is ideal for this purpose. You enter a few details and within seconds it gives an estimated value. It is linked to land registry prices. If the property being valued has been sold since 1995, we take that sale price and add the amount that house prices have gone up nationally since the sale date to give as accurate as possible estimate without actually seeing the property.

Clearly, the most accurate way for someone thinking of selling to get an accurate valuation would be to invite us out to see it.

Whilst we believe our valuation tool is the best available we would always advise a serious seller to arrange a market appraisal where one of our Professional Property Valuers will be able to visit your home to take into consideration any changes/ additional features which an online tool would not. Our Property Specialists know what is selling in the area and exactly what they have achieved.  They will speak to you about the current market and how best to advertise your property and achieve the best price./#valuation